Inventory Services & Inspections

Inventory and Condition Report

 The Inventory and Condition report is a comprehensive document giving a detailed description of the condition of the property and its contents at the start of the tenancy. The report is set out in a logical manner and is very easy to follow.A report should be produced whether a property is  furnished, part-furnished or un-furnished. 

Heater Check

Check-in Report

We attend the check-in with the tenant and go through the inventory report.  Any changes or observations will be noted.  The landlord and tenant sign off the document on the day of the handover, and copies given to both parties.  Utility readings are taken and the keys signed for.


Check-out Report

The check-out report  is a written report comparing the property at the end of the tenancy with that at the beginning of the tenancy.  All items on the inventory and condition report are checked, utility readings are taken and keys returned.  A final report is produced which identifies any material changes and allows both tenant and landlord a base to discuss any dilapidation charges.